String of oddities, hobo compliments, angry but friendly Geek Squad helper

This has been one bizarre week, to say the least.

My good friend Carolyn visited, so we had a blast catching up and touring the city. Yesterday we went to Georgetown, which is my favorite section of D.C. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again: The District has absolutely no character or soul, so it’s nice that Georgetown has mom-and-pop coffee shops, cobblestone streets, family-owned restaurants, etc. I love everything about that part of town, and if I were wealthy, I’d totally live there. Someday!

But I will say some of the restaurant servers are strange. Carolyn, Kaitlin, Anna, and I had drinks at a sports bar, which seemed to only employ eastern European female waitresses, none of which appeared happy or enthusiastic about their jobs. Even so, I indulged in Happy Hour specials.

An hour later, we browsed H&M and walked around in the 75 degree weather. Within moments, two yellow school buses of teenage boys serenaded “Build Me Up Buttercup” to me and Carolyn. I couldn’t stop laughing, nor could I resist chanting along with them. It was funny until Carolyn threatened to throw me into traffic!

The weather is perfect this time of year. I was so ready for winter to end, and everyone else seems to be thinking the same thing. D.C. has definitely livened up a bit this month, and I can only pray we won’t experience a surprise snowstorm.

I’m going to Tucson and California next month! There’s nothing I love more than the combination of vacation and sunshine. I can only hope Tucson will be 90 degrees of dry heat when I arrive. I miss the scorching hot Arizona sun, and I especially long for its positive effects on my mind.

There are a lot of things I’d  love to write at this moment, but I will be the bigger person and hold my tongue. Here’s what I will say: I encountered a parade of rudeness in my personal life this week (from tons of people), and that’s just not how I wanted to spend my spare time.

With that in mind, you might understand why I was frustrated by Best Buy’s petulant Geek Squad worker, whom I stumbled upon this afternoon. He eventually warmed up to me, but when I first approached him with my computer problem, he couldn’t have been ruder.

I brought my laptop to Geek Squad so someone could help me install my anti-virus  CD, which seemed to be broken. The computer technician guy told me to just go home and keep trying, but I was unwilling to do that, as I’d traveled an hour to get to this particular store. I argued that I’d be better off attempting to solve the issue with the help of a professional, but he seemed content to just send me back to northern Virginia.

He was pretty short with me and spoke in a very condescending manner, but calmed down once I said I’d pay the $30 in-store installation fee. I guess he was just nervous that I was out to score free service, but my mom is a Rewards Member as well as a valued customer, so I wasn’t asking much when I asked if he could look at my faulty anti-virus disk.

At the end of the visit, he installed the software free of charge, probably because he knew he’d been extremely hostile and unprofessional. I’m not going to pretend I know anything about technology, so if I come across as dim-witted at the Geek Squad table, it’s because I have the courage to ask for help! I repeatedly offered to pay the listed price, but he urged me to quit worrying.

After that, I headed back to the metro, where I met an unusual hobo. He said my hair was pretty, and he offered me half of his sandwich, which I declined. If you accept food from a homeless man, you have either hit rock bottom or are on the fast track to Hell.

The guy spoke with a southern twang and complained about Cosi workers, all of whom expressed unease at the sight of him. He also tried to convince me that birds won’t eat Cosi bread, suggesting that the company serves contaminated products. Later on, he asked about my career. I said I was a journalist, but lied that I worked for CNN’s website. I didn’t want him to track me down, so I chose not to provide him with the name of my real place of employment.

Oddly enough, this man claimed to have a computer and know all about news sources.

“CNN is on my Google Chrome bookmark page,” he said. “What do you think of the AOL/Huffington Post merger?”

I didn’t say much, and I left soon after he asked if I’d accepted Jesus Christ. I may be Catholic, but I don’t enjoy talking about religion with proseyltizing kooks.  Plus, he said I wore nice colors, and I had zero interest in hearing him give any further details on my appearance.

Earlier this week, I met a puzzling character in line at Potbelly. As I typed into my BlackBerry, a young man approached me and asked for the name of my cellular device.

“This is a BlackBerry,” I said, feeling like a spoiled dunce as I uttered that sentence.

Up until I saw his iPhone, I thought he’d legitimately been confused by my phone. But really, if you have the King of Smart Phones, you know what a BlackBerry is! No use pretending otherwise!

Nevertheless, he was funny and nice, and I ended up ranting to him about one of my many irritations, so that was a cathartic release. Hooray for having listeners, even if they happen to be strangers.

The crazies of D.C. won’t leave me alone, but I never have a shortage of unusual stories on hand. In a year, I’ll be able to tell you all about a hilarious but highly awkward meeting I had with a deranged jerk, but I need to wait a while to inform you about that.

One of these days, I might put out a book chronicling all the weirdos who cross my path. They make for hysterical stories, but cause me a lot of stress when they first come along.