Column today, read the entry below too

Be sure to read my entry below, but also take a look at my column Get out! That’s what she said…. I poke fun at some of the absurd reasons that kids are given detention, such as for making “that’s what she said” comments in response to other classmates. No one ever died from hearing “that’s what she said.” If it’s too offensive to someone, that person needs to go live in a box because the real world will be absolutely terrifying, unlivable, and disgusting to anyone who is disturbed by “that’s what she said.” As my dad would say, “butch up” if you feel insulted.

I do, however, sympathize with and support teachers, they do it because they love it, and I can imagine teaching is an extremely taxing job. Regardless, “that’s what she said” jokes shouldn’t send someone into detention! Things are so different in public schools these days…Good thing schools were fairly normal when I was a junior high student.

Check out my ROTC parade and awards ceremony story as well! After all, I was up at 5:00 a.m. to cover the event 🙂

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