Now I know why Martha & the Vandellas’s ‘Heat Wave’ is one of my all-time favorite songs

For the past few months, New Yorkers and east coast residents alike have reminded me that I’m lucky to have moved to the area during NYC’s first non-winter in years. I thought relocating up north from D.C would be difficult, but I’ve barely needed a jacket this whole time. February was unusually warm and I even had the chance to run around in my sundress on a few occasions. It seemed we completely skipped winter and were on our way to an early spring.

But then it became really gloomy, rainy, and windy, and it doesn’t look like the uncomfortable temperature is going anywhere. This is what I get for indulging in a mild winter, I suppose. Maybe summer will never come. That’s what I feared last April, when it was 40 degrees in D.C. and completely unlivable when it should have been scorching hot. Sometimes I think I’ll never see sunlight again, so it’s that much harder for me to dream of pleasant weather and beaches.

Cannes, summer '10
Lola and me at the '10 Starr Pass pool party
Cannes, summer '10

That’s what happened to me last night. I dreamed of running through the streets in my new upper east side neighborhood in 100 degree sunshine. Everyone around me was complaining about the humidity, but I wanted to soak up every last ray, and if the surrounding folks didn’t want it, I’d take it all for myself. I desired nothing more than to absorb the sun, whether it fried my skin or not.

Then I awoke to drizzle and gray skies. Such is the icky reality of the east coast. The sun is only generous to this portion of the world during a few short months. Though I’m a sun dweller if there ever was one, she’s been shortchanging me lately and I don’t like it. I’ve said time and time again that I’m solarpowered, and without the sun, I literally have to dream of the sun to get what I need. Fingers crossed we’ll be in the triple digits within six weeks. You must hate me for wishing that, but heat is good for you. Never forget that.

Daily Wildcatters in Tucson, my favorite place in the world!

Keeping my sunshine deficiency in mind, you’ll understand why I intend to plan a third trip to Vegas — this time, with Nikki, who I actually mentioned during my last appearance on Doug Giles’s Clash Radio. I’ll do anything to talk about that young lady, and as a Nevada native, she knows the place better than anyone else in my network. Hopefully we can make it out there very soon. I can only go so long without visiting the west. I may thrive off the grit, hustle, stimulation, energy, and ambition of New York City, but I need the comfort of the sun, to surround myself with smiling people, and quality burritos every once in a while. As my friend Anna said the other day, it’s tough to reside in a place that charges more than $2 for margaritas. Oh, the joys of Tucson living.

Vegas '09
Tucson, fall '09
Tucson '10!

Speaking of Tucson, I’m heading out that way in three months for Dyanna’s wedding. Did I mention how awesome it is to be a maid of honor? I could hold this job forever. We have some fun stuff planned for the bachelorette party, which will be a much needed reunion for us girls.